Kasco Fountain Multi-Pattern 3.1JF

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  • redwood
  • Linden
  • Birch
  • juniper
  • Willow
  • Linden
  • Spruce

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3.1 JF Kasco Fountain Installation Tutorial

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Kasco Marine
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Product Description

Kasco Marine's 3.1JF (Single Phase) and 3.3JF (3 Phase), 3 hp Floating Decorative Fountain provides the power needed to adequately aerate larger ponds and provide eye-catching decorative displays.


6 Fountain Patterns for the Price of One!


REDWOOD         24' Tall x  8' Wide Narrow Geyser

LINDEN         19' x 4.5' Inner & 8' x 35' Outer Tier

SPRUCE         21' Tall x  13' Wide Geyser


JUNIPER         9' Tall x  48' Wide "V"

WILLOW         13' Tall x  35' Wide "V"

BIRCH (No Nozzle  14.5' Tall x        

10' Wide Geyser


Each 3.1JF & 3.3JF is supplied with 5 different interchangeable nozzles, providing you with the versatility of 6 different patterns for displays of up to 24 feet in height or 45 foot in diameter.    You can easily change nozzles to fit the specific pond dimensions, wind conditions and the desired aesthetic effect.


The 3.1JF is available with an extremely efficient 240 volt Single Phase, 60 Hz motor. The 3.3JF is available with an extremely efficient 208/240V 3 phase, 60Hz motor.


The 3.1JF is supplied with a state-of-the-art GFCB protected control panel, model C85. The panel includes a timer for the fountain, timer for the optional light kit, Class A Human Rated GFCI protection, hard wire terminal block, surge protection, all in a thermoplastic NEMA 3r/4x rated enclosure. Kasco recommends a licensed electrician to install the C-85 control and fountain hook up.


The 3.3JF, 3 phase unit is supplied with a simple to use, all inclusive GFI protected 3 phase control panel, model CF3235  Without the confusing options, these panels include all the best features. Included in this UL-508A, non-metallic 4x/3r panel is a true, 3 phase rated personnel protection GFI  with a 5ma trip level. Also included is a motor starter with adjustable overload, lightning/surge protection, two 24 Hour time clocks (one for the unit and one for lights), and a Hand-Off-Auto switch. Other features are an angled field wiring terminal block for easy installation, input terminals for field installed interlock, and startup instructions with wiring diagram in the door. A licensed electrician should install this control panel.


Add a 6 LED Light Kit to the 3.1JF or 3.3JF to extend its beauty into the nighttime hours. Lighting enlivens the water display, turning water drops into a glimmering jewels of light while providing a resort-like appearance to the water feature.The lighting kit’s transformer is integrated into the system, so there’s no extra wiring required. Simply plug it into the C-85 Control Panel and the lights will operate whenever the unit operates during darkness. 






The 3.1 JF & 3.3JF boasts an innovative float design with a low profile in the water for enhanced appearance, plus an attractive decorative shape



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