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Water and Pond Aeration is the most important solution to many water quality problems.  The management of ponds, lakes, lagoons, stormwater ponds and drinking reservoirs often starts with a properly sized aerator or aeration system. The benefits of aeration are vast and include:

  • Reduced unwanted algae and weed growth
  • Eliminated foul odours associated with anerobic ponds
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced Internal pond or lake phosphate by 95%
  • Restore oxygen to pond bottom
  • Reduce sedimentation rate, therefore reducing muck accumulation up to 95 %
  • Reduce internal nutrient cycling
  • Allow fish to thrive and feed in all depths of water
  • Prevent fish kills
  • Improve overall health of ecosystem
  • Oxidize many heavy metals out of the water

Pond Pro Canada is your aeration specialist with over 20 years experience - we've sold over 3000 aeration systems in Western Canada and installed many of them! From surface aerators for lagoons and water treatment, to bottom diffused aeration for drinking water retention ponds, to large lakes, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to customize aeration for any body of water.  We sell Can-air aeration, Kasco Marine 2400, 3400, 4400AF aerators as well as Kasco Marine robust-aire aeration systems.

 You may be wondering - how does aeration actually fix water problems? The availability of oxygen in the water is crucial to maintaining a healthy body of water and correcting most issues.

An adequate aeration system or aerator leads to:

  • High oxygen levels in water to ensure break down of nutrients and organics 10x faster 
  • Increased oxygen which prevents release of phosphates & other nutrients from sediment
  • Decreased or eliminated water odours caused by hydrogen gas
  • Reduced algae and other vegetation
  • Lowers pH levels making ponds or dugouts more suitable for watering golf greens and gardens
  • Reduced BOD & COD and TOC levels

Contact our team of experts for a free aeration quote  & custom aeration system design!