Pond log reduces turbidity, and phosphates

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Product Description

Pond-Lake Clarification & Treatment Systems


The APS 800 Series Pond Log has been proven effective for clarification of pond-lake systems as well as reducing phosphate levels.  In multiple cases the APS 800 Series Pond Log has reduced the phosphate levels and consequently reducing algae by 70%.

In pond and lake systems the APS 800 Series Pond Log can be introduced into the system when there is no natural agitator.  Aerators/bubblers, floating fountains and man-made waterfalls can all be used to create the agitation needed to introduce the APS 800 Series Pond Log into the system.

Pond Log Data Sheet


Waterfall Before and After Application

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These systems are easy!

Aerator/bubbler System

By securing an APS 800 Series Pond Log in the flow of the bubbles the site specific polymers are circulated through the system.  The diagram below shows how single and multiple APS 800 Series Pond Logs can be used with this system.



Floating Fountain System

Floating fountains are esthetically pleasing plus they can serve as an excellent source of agitation when APS 800 Series Pond Logsare needed in the system.  Two purposes can easily be served as well as working to clarify the systems water and keep nutrient levels low.  The diagram below shows how APS 800 Series Pond Logs work with floating fountains.



Waterfall System

As seen above using APS 800 Series Pond Log with waterfall systems can clarify water and create a pleasant environment for aquatic life.  In this system APS 800 Series Pond Log can merely be secured to the "steps" of the waterfall and the system does everything else.  Below is a simulation of where APS 800 Series Pond Login a waterfall system.