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Windmill Parts

  • Premium Robust-Aire Windmill Upgrade

    Increase your windmill aeration efficiency with a windmill upgrade with industry leading Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Diffusers and Canadian-made sinking airline. Premium Windmill Upgrade Includes Makes OWS Windmills 3X More Efficient Includes 2 Kasco...

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  • Universal head and Tail Assembly

    Replaces existing head and tails on aeration windmills if you still have a good, working compressor. Head & Tail Assembly includes: * 12 new 28" long windmill blades to capture more wind and torque. 12 blade braces One piece hub assembly with...

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  • Windmill Upgrade

        Windmill Upgrade Makes OWS Windmills 2X More Efficient Includes 1 Can-Air Diffuser and 100 ft of 1/2" sinking airline

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  • Windmill Replacement Hub

    Why deal with 3 different "spider" brackets and support rings that are complicated to assembly and take 45 minutes to attach to the windmill shaft? Our one piece hub assembly takes out all of the labor and is fully pre-assembled so you don't have to...

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  • OWS Maintenance Kit

    Maintenance kit fits any Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill or AerMaster with it's patent pending BalCam Technology. Each kit includes a replacement diaphragm, 2 umbrella valves, a washer and an "O" ring. Instructions also included

  • SALE

    Ground Stake Clamps

    Replaces your ground stake clamps on your windmill tower. Same quality and specs as the original equipment manufacturer. U.S. made to strict quality control standards with a money back guarantee. Price is for a set of three pairs.

    Was: CAD.$69.99
    Now: CAD.$61.64
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  • OWS PRV Valve

    The OWS pressure relief valve is made of all steel construction and is designed to work in the most severe conditions. Fitted with 1/2" or 3/8" fittings, it will keep back pressure off of your compressor should you have an airline freeze or some...

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  • Universal Dome Cover

    This is a Universal Dome for Aeration windmills. Includes 4 Self Taping Screws for attachment to the front of hub assemblies or support rings.

    MSRP: CAD.$79.99
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  • OWS Windmill Blade

    This 28" blade with an offset cut is designed to fit any Outdoor Water Solutions windmill. Our blades are longer, making our windmill heads a full 73", which is the longest in the Industry. This gives us more torque and allows our windmill heads to...

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  • Universal Blade Brace

    This is a Universal Blade Brace that measures 12 1/4" x 2 1/2" and is made of high quality 18 gauge galvanized steel. Guaranteed to fit!